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yes Leasing a car means that you take possession of that car and it is yours to use, but the dealer still owns the car. It is just like renting an apartment, in that you are paying for the right to use the product for a specific term, but at the end of that term, possession reverts to the original owner.

yes However, unlike an apartment renting situation, you will often actually have the option to buy once the terms of the lease are complete. You don't have to decide this until the end of the term, so you are not signing on for any commitment beyond the terms of the original lease when you lease a car.

yes Advantages of leasing :

a.     Financial

· Fixed monthly rentals enable accurate budgeting and simplifies financial planning

· Rates are fixed

· Leasing of vehicles qualifies as an allowable tax expense

· Avoids the financial risk inherent in ownership

· Minimum funding outlay improves cash flow

· No cost/reduced cost of fleet administration

· We take on the responsibility for the day to day running of the fleet.

· Allows staff to devote attention to core activities.

· Improves cash flow situation

· Balance sheet improvements

· Budgeting - simplifies financial planning

b.       Control

· We take on the day to day running of your fleet

· Less administration, therefore cost savings

· Time savings, therefore cost savings

· To allow your staff to get on with core business

c.        Leasing includes

· Road tax

· Insurance Coverage

· Coverage of third party property damage.

· Full maintenance.

· Routine and non-routine servicing to manufacturers specification.

· Replacement tires, batteries, breakdowns, towing and etc.

· Free replacement vehicle during servicing or when breakdowns.

· 24 hour nationwide breakdown and service facilities

· Accident management

d.     Vehicle taxation and registration

· All administration relating to the Registration, road taxing, JPJ. Testing and Insurance Renewal of the company fleet.

e.     Fleet vehicles maintenance

· Our maintenance programs are aimed at reducing overall maintenance cost. Improved mobility by using a twenty four-hour back-up service operated through the accident and emergency services wide.

f.      Accident Service

· Provide profession advice to reduce the maze of procedures that follow an accident.

· Towing in of damaged vehicle

· Replacement vehicle (if required)

· Preparation of estimates

· Swift repair services

g.     Road Side Assistance

· Each driver is provided with a complete listing of Emergency Telephone Numbers to contact in the event of needing assistance.

h.     Fleet operations

· All administration concerning the Customer fleet will be handled by us. This facility will free up your staff from the day to day running of the fleet.

i.      Value Added Services

· Free delivery and collection within Johor

· Drivers’ trainings

· Safe keeping when user is on home leave.

j.      Service Facilities

· Our Manager, Corporate Sales will visit the clients on a regular basis to explain the procedures to be followed. A list of authorized service dealers where geographical areas are not covered will be provided.

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